About Us

Here at Word Magnets, we love you. Very much.Word Magnets™ is a provider of magnetic word tile sets. We’ve been around since 1990, which means we’re older than Google. However, we’re somewhat smaller than Google.

All sets were designed to carefully maintain a targeted blend of nouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, pronouns, etc., that closely models spoken English.   Then each set was tested, revised, and retested, until we felt it was a pretty good balance between funny, smart, and interesting.  That way, people who come over to your house will think you’re funny, smart, and interesting. That’s worth at least $19.95, which is far less than your parents spent to send us to college, hoping, largely in vain, that it would make you smart and interesting.  So do them a favor and have a Word Magnets™ set on your fridge next time you have them over for dinner.

By the way, we love to get suggestions.  We might well implement them, because we periodically tweak our sets.  Please contact us about anything.