BW-06700 Word Magnets Poetry Set – Front 750×1000
BW-06700 Word Magnets Poetry Set – Rear 750×1000

Word Magnets Poetry Set


Bigger, better, and more fun than any magnetic word set out there. With over 650 words, our set is two to three times as large as many competing sets.

And it’s smart and funny too. The Word Magnets Poetry Set was carefully constructed by a team that included a Ph.D. in English, a Ph.D. in psychology, a published poet, and a freelance creative writer. So some creative and smart people put a lot of thought into collecting an interesting and fun set of words.

Our 1cm magnetic words combine seamlessly with Magnetic Poetry * or other Word Magnets sets for even more fun.

* Magnetic Poetry is a registered trademark of Magnetic Poetry, Inc.

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Product Description

  • Over 650 magnetic word tiles, including word endings to make even more words
  • Two to three times as many words as many competing magnetic word sets
  • Magnetic words are 1cm (3/8″) tall and use a black Roman font on a white background
  • Challenges your brain and distracts you from opening the fridge to get another piece of cake
  • Combines perfectly with Magnetic Poetry * or many other magnetic word sets

Retail Box Specifications

Weight .9375 lbs
Dimensions 4.2500 x 3.1875 x 1.0000 in